First there was "Broadway Girls," then there was "Stand by Me" — and now, rapper Lil Durk says that he and Morgan Wallen just might be working on a whole album together.

As he walked the carpet at the 2024 Grammy Awards on Sunday night (Feb. 4), Durk hinted to ET Online that he and Wallen are nowhere near done working together. While the two artists might seem like a bit of an odd couple, their collaborations thus far have apparently been fruitful enough to warrant a third.

"There's gonna be a collab album soon," Durk said on the carpet, smiling slyly. "... So I may see you again next year."

He didn't share any more details about exactly what kind of album is in the works, and Wallen has several different irons in the fire at the moment. We already know he's involved with his friend, tourmate and frequent co-writer Hardy's next Hixtape album. All of the Hixtape projects are collaborative, and this one in particular is a tribute to the music of the late Joe Diffie. Rapper Post Malone has confirmed his involvement in the project: That news was announced during the 2023 CMA Awards, when Post, Hardy and Wallen sang a couple of Diffie songs together onstage.

It's entirely possible that the collab album Durk is referring to is the Hixtape, which could well include a duet between Wallen and himself. But it's also not too far-fetched to wonder if there's another collaborative album in the works.

Back in June, Durk hopped on Twitter to say he wanted to make a full album jointly with Wallen. "Me and Morgan need to do a album together be the 1st to do it," he wrote, adding an emoji of a trophy and tagging Wallen in his post.

So it's clear that, whether or not Wallen has signed on, the rapper has at least thought about the possibility of expanding their growing list of collaborations into a full album tracklist.

In the meantime, Durk and Wallen have been spending time outside the studio together, too. Last May, the country star shared an Instagram photo of the two of them on a fishing trip together.

"Durk done pulled up and taught me how to fish," Wallen joked in the caption.

Durk and Wallen didn't see each other at the Grammys on Sunday night, because Wallen wasn't there. Though his song "Last Night" was nominated for Best Country Song, he himself didn't earn any nominations at the awards show (the Best Country Song award is presented to songwriters).

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