If Morgan Wallen's son Indie doesn't follow in his dad's footsteps as a singer, he might have a future as a producer. The 2-year-old got some experience in the studio while Wallen was recording his upcoming 36-track album, One Thing at a Time. 

Wallen says Indie began joining him and producer Joey Moi in the studio while he was recording, and that his toddler "brought a new energy" to the recording process.

"He started coming in there and banging on guitar strings and, you know, delete songs for Joey and stuff like that," Wallen jokes with Billboard. "But honestly, he brought a lot of joy into the room. He brought a new energy that we hadn’t had in there before.”

Wallen adds that by the end of the recording process, Indie was a true professional, often sitting on Moi's lap and helping him at the production console.

Wallen also brought his sister Ashlyne into the album-making process — the siblings duet on a faith-based track called "Outlook." The star and his sister have been singing together since they were young.

"We’ve always been super, super tight,” Wallen says. “We grew up in church singing hymns and stuff and learning how to harmonize with each other and sing three-part harmony."

The "You Proof" hitmaker and his ex-girlfriend Katie Smith welcomed son Indi in July 2020, and the singer has shared a few moments from his life with his son on social media since. The most recent snap he showed fans of his son was a Christmas photo that he captioned, "Merry christmas from the Wallen boys."

One Thing at a Time is Wallen's third studio album, and it will arrive on March 3. The project follows his 2021 Dangerous: The Double Album, which is still charting within the Top 10 on the Billboard 200 chart.

The new album will include radio singles "You Proof" and "I Thought You Should Know," as well as other recently-released songs such as the title track, "Days That End in Why," "I Wrote the Book," "Last Night" and more. The album is set to include a mix of influences from country, alternative and hip-hop.

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