Only one country artist in history has spent more weeks atop the Top Country Albums chart than Morgan Wallen and he had a 27 year head start.

A new graphic from Billboard Charts on X (formerly Twitter) reveals Wallen's three studio albums have notched 151 weeks on top.

  • Wallen's If I Know Me dropped in 2018. Dangerous: The Double Album fell three years later and One Thing at a Time came in 2023.
  • One Thing at a Time has been at No. 1 for most of the last year.
  • Alabama, Willie Nelson, Kenny Rogers and Shania Twain are all in the Top 10.

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The only artist ahead of Wallen is Garth Brooks, who's spent 173 weeks at No. 1. If Wallen's streak at No. 1 remains uninterrupted he'd eclipse that by Thanksgiving.

As you'd expect, country legends make up the bulk of the list, but artists like Taylor Swift (101 weeks) and Luke Combs (89) show up strong.

Tim McGraw (76 weeks), the Chicks (73) and Kenny Chesney (50) are three more who've spent a year or more of their life on top. It's worth noting that the modern Top Country Albums chart combines physical and digital sales, streams and individual track sales whereas legends such as Randy Travis and Waylon Jennings were relying on (often poorly) reported physical sales from record store owners.

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