Wednesday night (Aug. 13), a collection of country chart toppers came together in Nashville for a great cause. The annual Guitar-B-Que event was hosted at a local bar, with proceeds benefiting St. Jude and Billy Currington as the evening's headliner.

Before the sun even set, newcomer Lindsay Ell took the stage at Losers. The talented Canadian didn't just showcase those pipes, she also proved that she knows a thing or two about a guitar. Ell performed her new single, 'Shut Me Up,' before the Brothers Osborne took the stage, getting the crowd a little rowdy. By this point, hungry country fans flooded the bar and packed the parking lot by this point, with the Bros adding to the fun thanks to some black beach balls. The full audience sang along as John and T.J. Osborne sang their song 'Rum' with beach balls flying all around them.

Their set ended a little cold, though. As the duo finished singing and were saying goodbye to the crowd, they brought out a nice cold bucket of ice water. The Cadillac Three's Jaren Johnston challenged T.J. Osborne to the frigid Ice Bucket Challenge, which he happily accepted in front of the crowd.

Johnston took the stage again, but this time, with his band the Cadillac Three. It was the perfect place for the trio to perform their fun, energetic new single 'Party Like You,' and judging by the crowd singing along, they already knew it.

"What the hell Nashville, Tennessee?" Johnston asked the crowd, adding that it felt "really good to be home." The Cadillac Three really got on the crowd's good side when they talked about their Southern heritage, performing 'I'm Southern.'

"Thank you guys so much for coming out and showing some love," Johnston said before revealing that they'll be playing Jake Owen's Block Party on Monday (Aug. 18). They then did their very best rendition of Owen's 'Days of Gold' -- a song written by two of the three band members -- and Johnston switched things up a little, heading to the drums. The crowd was sad to say goodbye to the rockin' band, but more music kept a smile on their faces.

Eric Paslay brought his songwriting and vocals talents -- as well as charming personality -- to the Losers stage. The singer didn't say much to the audience, but his presence was enough. He started with 'Move Me Baby' before also doing an Owen song, which he too wrote. 'Barefoot Blue Jean Night' on Wednesday was actually a "barefoot Nashville night." He couldn't have been more right.

"This is a really cool benefit," Paslay told the crowd. He told a story about visiting St. Jude recently and realizing that there are so many sick children there, but they're all so happy. "Go to St. Jude, it'll change your life," he added. Paslay rounded out his set with his two singles, 'Song About a Girl' and 'Friday Night,' with the crowd singing along.

Tyler Farr kicked it up a notch in his camo jeans. At one point, the 'Redneck Crazy' singer took his hat off to people who have served, thanking them before leading into 'Whiskey in My Water.'

The crowd must have known Farr was thirsty, because one person brought what looked like a Fireball shot to the singer on stage, and he happily took it. During the set, Farr told the story of first hearing the his new single at the bar immediately next door to Losers (Winners), and he knew he had to have it. The song, 'A Guy Walks Into a Bar,' may sound like a joke, but it is anything but. Before finishing his set with a cover of Awolnation's 'Sail' and his highly successful 'Redneck Crazy,' the hitmaker walked through the sea of people and played bartender for a few rounds.

"Make sure to put that on my tab," he told the bartender.

The night's headliner was the sweet, sweet ending to the savory Guitar-B-Que. Currington took the stage for 'I Got a Feeling' with the entire crowd singing with him. His set was casual and relaxed, and he even asked fans to yell out requests. When one asked for 'Must Be 'Doing Something Right,' he said they'd get to it eventually, keeping his promise later in the set. Currington was casual in a backwards cap and jeans while he played his hits like 'People Are Crazy' and 'We Are Tonight.'

The night also included a guitar auction, which directly benefited St. Jude.