With a name like 'Nashville,' ABC's new fall drama about the country music industry in Music City is expected to have an awesome soundtrack. And a new promo leading up to the show's debut didn't let us down. Can you name the song -- from a Tennessee-based group, of course -- that's playing in the background of the new 'Nashville' commercial?

If you're a fan of the Civil Wars, you probably recognized the award-winning duo's tune, 'If I Didn't Know Better,' playing as the soundtrack to the 30-second teaser promo. And might we add that the haunting song about falling for a lover (even when you know better) looks like the perfect companion to this drama-packed new series.

In 'Nashville,' Connie Britton (of former 'Friday Night Lights' fame) portrays Rayna James, a 40-something mother who is being forced to work with Juliette Barnes, a younger up-and-coming singer played by Hayden Panettiere (who previously starred on 'Heroes'). The tension between Jaynes and Barnes is not just music-related, though. 'Nashville' will show viewers the complexities of how women compete, especially in show business.

Following a big sweep at the Grammys in early 2012, the country-tinged and endlessly popular Civil Wars are on a short break while singer Joy Williams takes time to bond with her new baby, who was born in June 2012.

'Nashville' premieres on ABC on Oct. 10 at 10PM ET.

Watch the Commercial for ABC's 'Nashville'

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