Remember the moment by playing deejay this New Year's Eve. By timing these country songs up so the key part hits right at midnight, you'll enter the new year with a bang ... or a kiss or drink or maybe some regret.

Garth Brooks, Gretchen Wilson, Eric Church (times two!) and Kane Brown are included on our list of great options for your 2018 kickoff song. On Twitter people are sharing the time codes for starting songs so that the magic lines up with the magic. So, would you like to line up your new year by swiping away old feelings, or maybe by uniting in a singalong?

Lady Antebellum have a song that will pay the perfect compliment you're forgetting. Sam Hunt will help you tear down the drywall as the ball drops. Hank Williams Jr.? He may make you feel kinda funny ...

Good Luck Not Singing Along to Garth ... 

Begin 2018 with one of country music's all-time greatest songs. "Friends in Low Places" will unite your New Year's Eve party. Start this video at 11:57:45 and you can't go wrong.

So, Who You Gonna Kiss at Midnight?!

Thompson Square have the perfect midnight song for lovers old and new. Begin "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not?" at exactly 11:59:31 if you're nervous about popping the question yourself. You can't go wrong!

What If Kane Brown Kicks Off Your New Year?

Along those lines, Kane Brown and Lauren Alaina's "What Ifs" is a great song for wannabe lovers to begin the year. Brown spends much of the first two verses doing some convincing before a final climactic chorus that makes the answer obvious. Start his video at 11:57:20 to time it right.

Maybe Next Year?

Put 2017 behind you with some help from Corey Smith. There's no better song to purge everything you didn't do in this year than "Maybe Next Year," and if you start the song at 11:59:10, you'll hit the chorus at midnight.

No Matter What, It's Gonna Be a House Party

Sam Hunt's pop-country jam will sound good at your house party, even if it is just a party for two. Begin your new year with his anthemic chorus by beginning the track at exactly 11:59:24.

Dang, You Look Good!

Let your boo know he/she is doing aight with Lady Antebellum's jam from 2017. The horns will be cranking by the time you get to the money line. Start it up at 11:59:09.

Bring in Church With the Modern Classic 

One of the best singalongs of the decade is Eric Church's "Springsteen," a track that demands unity. Who can resist the "whoa-whoas" at 2:27?! Start this song from the Chief album at 11:57:33 if you're using your own version of the song. If you're relying on the music video, back it up to 11:57:05.

Welcome to 2018, Y'all!

Brad Paisley's 2009 hit will forever be the perfect New Year's Day song, taken literally or symbolically. His progressive message resonates in 2018, and to start off your year with some feel-good, begin his song at 11:55:39.

We're Here for It

Paisley's New Year's Eve song is deep, but Gretchen Wilson's is more in-the-moment. This all-time country jam may best summarize your midnight moment on Jan. 1. No shame in it. Start this video at 11:57:32 to sync up with the song's climax.

Good Riddance, 2017!

Some years you just need to forget, and Eric Church has the song for you. Put 2017 behind you permanently by starting this song at 11:56:45. You're going to land it in 2018, we feel it!

Man! 2018 Feels Like Shania

If you plan on making 2018 a year for girl power, start with Shania Twain's "Man! I Feel Like a Woman." And start it from the beginning by pushing play at 11:59:58. Yeah, we feel like it's going to be that kind of year in country music.

Tweet us your New Year's Eve song and when to start it and we'll include it in this list ball drop jams! Look for country music all over your television on Dec. 31, with Brown, Florida Georgia Line and more scheduled to appear at the biggest celebrations.

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