Nick Jonas will join NBC's The Voice as a judge for next season, replacing current judge Gwen Stefani.

The big news came during Tuesday's episode of the Ellen DeGeneres Show where the Jonas Brothers appeared for a sit-down interview with the talk show host. Jonas said he didn't want to spill the beans about his "big news" and have fans wait until tomorrow (meaning, Tuesday, Oct. 8). However, DeGeneres had other plans.

She first played a video of Blake Shelton welcoming him into the family. "Nick Jonas, how you doin' buddy? I heard you were going to be a new coach on The Voice and I, first of all, wanted to say congratulations ... I guess ... but voice some concerns I have,"

Shelton told the camera: "I have to look through the rules, 'cause this is my TV show. I'm not sure you're even old enough to be a coach on The Voice, but I'm certain you're going to get your butt kicked, buddy."

Jonas addressed this with a simple diss: "Just to be clear, Blake, I'm going to kick your a--!"

Kelly Clarkson, for her part, offered the youngest brother in the band a deal. "I do definitely feel like the two Texans should maybe team up and form an alliance, I'm just saying," the coach said in a video.

Coach John Legend also welcomed his new "co-worker" to the show and revealed that their dual mission is to "destroy Blake Shelton."

Jonas told DeGeneres that he agreed with Clarkson's offer of forming an alliance, and needs to have a sit down with Legend before they confirm any bonds. During the interview, a fake costumed "Blake Shelton" popped out of DeGeneres' box and scared the trio.

"I’m so excited to be a part of The Voice family," Jonas said in a statement from NBC. "It’s such an awesome group of individuals, and I can’t wait to help these artists really build and hone in to find their unique voices."

We're currently following along each week keeping up with the Season 17 competition, so be sure to check in weekly to check the progress of your favorites on the show.

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