You may not know the name Donnalou Stevens yet, but you will. The comedic singer (with a positive message) is not afraid of being an older woman following her dream of being a silly singer -- and her latest video has gone viral.

'Older Ladies' is a laugh-out-loud take on older women in a country style. The video has gotten a huge response from the YouTube community -- since being posted on June 5, the clip has garnered more 1.8 million views! Clearly, Stevens is doing something right.

"Well I ain't 16, not a beauty queen," she sings in the hilarious song, "My eyes are baggin' and my skin is saggin', and if that's the reason that you don't love me then maybe that's not love."

The white-haired singer embraces her age, hair color and her cellulite -- and she's having fun doing it. She laughs, smiles and giggles through the whole clip while she plays guitar to the empowering song. Throughout most of the 'Older Ladies' video, the singer and her older lady friends are dressed like real Southern Belles, with Stevens in a red off-the-shoulder dress reminiscent of something Dolly Parton might have once worn. She pairs it with black cowboy boots for the Southern-style song.

'Older Ladies' even features a few chicken dances (and a couple of real chickens!), and Stevens goes topless to talk about her "saggy breasts that droop from my chest." Talk about a brave woman!

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