Olivia Lane just isn't going to write a whiny breakup song — she can't do it! The Texas-raised singer says she needs to get more out her music.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love a good heartbreak song," Lane tells Taste of Country. "I will listen to Adele and eat chocolate and cry about it for days. But when it comes to my writing style, it’s not going in that direction.”

"My Heartache," a song from her self-titled EP, comes closest. "You don't get to hurt on me / Don't get no sympathy / You don't get to act like I walked out the door," Lane sings on an uptempo breakup song that feels pulled from her personal life. "Cause it's my heartache, not yours," she concludes over a rhythmic, pop-country track.

“I don’t really like to write like that for some reason, I don’t know why," the 25-year-old adds. "I either need clarity from the heartbreak or I need to feel righteous about it.”

Her penchant for penning plucky country love songs is turning a corner to include lyrics with more depth. "She Fits" epitomizes the change. This song was inspired by an old boyfriend Lane tried to remain with even after she moved to Nashville and he stayed on the west coast.

“It was so dumb because we just broke up two weeks later,” she recalls, laughing. But with Facebook being Facebook, she occasionally stumbles onto photos of him with a new love, and they look good together. The new girl fits. Lane knows now that she never would have.

Olivia Lane Deluxe EP
Amanda Van Sandt

You'll find a lot of tempo on the EP, which is being re-released on Nov. 18 with two new tracks added. That fits Lane, a singer who seemingly never stops moving. Fans love the energy of a song like "Lightning" when she sings it live, but she'll need to harness that in 2017. The She Fits Living Room Tour allows fans to win a show in their living room. Despite the logistical hurdles of playing a space designed for television viewing and board games — plus a minimum audience requirement to ensure she's not singing for one lonely old woman and her cat — Lane says the response has been overwhelming. They'd have been happy with 50 applications. Right now they're staring at over 300.

An independent artist can't survive by thinking inside the box, so Lane finds ways to reach fans by doing things most artists wouldn't. On Instagram she connects with images from the road and her English With Olivia Lane series, in which she tries to guess the meanings of words like "gargalesis."

Spoiler alert: it has nothing to do with gargling.

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