In her new music video for “Make My Own Sunshine,” Olivia Lane overcomes bad weather, frustrating car troubles and aggravating fashion choices without ever leaving her house, and she does while looking 100 percent adorable. The stop-motion clip features the fifth free song from her Heart Unlocked mixtape.

Watch Lane’s new video during this Taste of Country exclusive. It begins with her getting out of bed, still wearing pajamas and hair rollers. Quickly the sleep melts away for a more stylish outfit, and then it’s on to makeup and accessories before she sets off to get to a show. That’s when disaster strikes. Okay, the troubles in this music video are pretty small potatoes — especially with such a cartoon-like backdrop.

A cameo from her dog and a well-timed skateboard help her get to where she needs to be in time. Then it’s a few turns with an impressive wardrobe before she grabs her guitar and then … drat! It’s raining, but as Lane says, she makes her own sunshine.

The mid-tempo country cut could be her theme song, as Lane is always bursting with energy and positivity. Every week she's releasing a new song from Heart Unlocked and allowing fans to stream or download it. On Thursday, Taste of Country will publish a full interview with the “Mama Raised Hell” singer that reveals why her enthusiasm is the key to her success.

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