Olivia Lane is set to release a deluxe edition of her self-titled EP, which means two new songs. On Nov. 18 the expanded release will include Lane's take on Brenda Lee's iconic holiday song "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree," as well as a new song called "Ghosted," penned by Lane, Aaron Scherz and Allison Veltz.

The nine-song collection was produced by Grammy-nominated musician and 2015 ACM Studio Recording Award honoree Ilya Toshinskiy. Lane co-wrote seven of the nine songs featured on the project.

The country singer is well known for her contagious energy and positive attitude, and in an interview with Taste of Country earlier this year, Lane discussed her previous single, "Make My Own Sunshine," and of how it is also a motto for her own life.

“It doesn’t matter what situation you’re in, you can always try to find the sunshine in the darkness that you’re going through. If my three-minute song can take someone away just for three minutes and make them happy, I’ve done my job,” she says.

Olivia Lane's Olivia Lane (Deluxe Edition) Track Listing:

1. “Lightning” (Danny Myrick, Leland Grant, Ilya Toshinskiy, Olivia Lane)
2. “Quarter Life Crisis” (Aaron Scherz, David Frasier, Olivia Lane)
3. “Make My Own Sunshine” (Jim Beavers, Ilya Toshinskiy, Olivia Lane)
4. “She Fits” (Jim Beavers, Ilya Toshinskiy, Olivia Lane)
5. “My Heartache” (Leland Grant, Ilya Toshinskiy, Shaye Smith, Tammy Hyler)
6. “There’s a Guy” (Aaron Scherz, David Frasier, Olivia Lane)
7. “Keychain” (Aaron Scherz, Bobby Hamrick, Olivia Lane)
8. “Ghosted” (Aaron Scherz, Olivia Lane, Allison Veltz)
9. “Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree” (Johnny Marks)

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