The conclusion of Sunday night's Super Bowl 50 had us reminiscing to a much simpler time, back before Peyton Manning was a 2-time NFL champion and he was simply singing back up for Kenny Chesney at his first ever stadium show at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

The year was 2003. Chesney had just released his No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem, which produced many singles that would eventually become classics in his catalogue, including "Young," "Big Star" and the title track. He was well on his way to country superstardom, but it was a must he that win over the entire stadium crowd.

And just like any team game-winning team would do, Chesney had one more play up his sleeve (okay we know he doesn't wear sleeves often, but just go with it), he brought out a University of Tennessee legend that had the hearts of the entire crowd: Peyton Manning.

Chesney was finishing up the first chorus of the Mac McAnally song "Back Where I Come From," off his 1996 record Me and You, when he nodded to the side of the stage to bring out the UT alum and Heisman Trophy winner.

"A man who needs no introduction in this stadium," Chesney announced to the crowd of over 60,000 screaming fans as Manning sauntered to join in for a duet.

Clean-cut in a button-down shirt, very sensible jeans and a cowboy hat that added even more height to his already tall frame, Manning took center stage as the entire stadium cheered. He towered over Chesney and had to bend over to sing into the microphone arm in arm with the country star.

Manning didn't sound half bad at all — he could even carry the tune. But it's probably a good thing he stuck with his day job. After all, it did lead to a couple of very shiny rings in his future.


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