Although Phil Everly has passed away, his family will continue to remember him -- not only for his legendary musical talent, but also for his incredible focus on those he held dear.

The singer's son, Jason Everly, tells People that he'll always remember his father as "the best harmony singer that's ever lived."

Although he had great talent, Everly certainly wasn't egotistical about it, even as he cut the path to a lifetime of success with the Everly Brothers. In fact, Phil's wife Patti Everly recalls his mantra: "He told people: If your ego's under control, your life is under control."

While in the midst of stardom, Everly didn't forsake his fatherly duties. His son adds that his father "was a full-blown dad the whole way. He taught me to ride a bike, drive a car and caught me when I came home at 3 in the morning."

Eventually, the 'Wake Up Little Susie' hitmaker was overcome by chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. He entered the hospital a few weeks ago as his condition took over. Breathing became incredibly difficult to do on his own. And his wife holds out hope that he'll never have to struggle for another breath. "I hope he's with the angels now, and he can breathe," she says.

Although Everly's last days were heartbreaking, it's clear that his family has a lifetime of memories -- onstage and offstage -- that they can cling to. Phil Everly died on January 3, 2014.