What Phil Vassar's new single lacks in originality it more than makes up for in pathos. 'Don't Miss Your Life' is the singer's true story of missing his family and his children's important firsts. It's the song every traveling songman knows all too well.

Stories of two strangers meeting on a westbound plane are quickly becoming a new category of country music songs. Vassar sits next to an old man, who notices the protagonist is working his life away.

"I missed the first steps my daughter took / The time my son played Captain Hook in 'Peter Pan' / I was in New York -- sorry son, Dad has to work / I missed the father daughter dance / The first home run no second chance / To be there when he crossed the plate / The moments gone now it's too late," Vassar sings as the stranger.

We know where this story is heading at this point, but it's familiar for another reason as well. What working parent hasn't stopped to consider the same dilemma? The beauty of Vassar's songwriting is that he's never tried force poetry on his fans. Instead he sticks to using a few simple words to describe big, emotional ideas. The hummable melody doesn't hurt either.

"Scrolling through the pictures of my little family / Daughter with her mom, not a single one with me," Vassar sings during the second verse before adding, "I missed our fourth and fifth anniversary / Our girl was early by a week / Her sister had to hold her hand / I was in L.A. -- she said I understand" in the next chorus.

'Don't Miss Your Life' is a little wordy, and Vassar's straightforward style is beginning to show some age, but that doesn't mean that on an individual level this song won't have a huge impact. It feels like the best of Phil Vassar's hits from five or 10 years ago, which could work for or against him.

3.5 Stars

Listen to Phil Vassar's 'Don't Miss Your Life'

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