Phil Vassar's latest single, 'Let's Get Together,' has been helping everyone get in the mood for summer since its release in May. The tune is Vassar's first release from his newly-launched Rodeowave Entertainment label, and it will be featured on his forthcoming album slated for release later this year or in the first part of 2012.

"Lyrically, it’s just a fun song," Vassar, who co-wrote the tune, tells Taste of Country. "My house is sort of the congregation house where everyone gathers on weekends or whenever we get off the road, which is usually Sundays. We go straight to the grill. Summer, winter or fall … whatever it is, we just kind of hang out [laughs]!"

"Come on over / Everybody’s hanging out at my house / Stars are out, campfire’s burnin’ and the music’s loud / Best time ever / Always perfect weather to come on over baby / Let’s g-g-get together," he sings in the lyrics of the song's chorus.

"It’s good because I’m not home a lot, so when I’m home, I want everybody around," Vassar says. "I have all my buddies, my buddies kids, my kids -- everyone -- just get together. The idea for 'Let's Get Together' came out of that. It’s just a fun little thing."

"Everybody’s laughin’ and dancin’ / Jumpin’ up and down, all around feelin’ all right / There ain’t nothin’ wrong with an all night singalong / There ain’t no curfew here tonight / The smoker’s smokin’ and the hot tub is bubblin’ / Snuggle up next to me honey and give some more of that lovin'," sings Vassar.

Vassar released a music video for the song recently, which was far from being a tough shoot to get through, as it was shot at his own house by the pool with all his friends. "Nobody was actors or extras or anything in the video," notes Vassar. "We said OK ... on this day we’re having a little get together, and we’re bringing the cameras!"

Vassar's daughter, Presley, makes a cameo in the video as well. "She’s a hoot, boy," says the proud daddy. "She’s a little dancing thing. Loves to dance. All the time she dancing!"

Watch the Phil Vassar 'Let's Get Together' Video