Phil Vassar's catchy melodies are as reliable as Kenny Chesney's beach songs or Taylor Swift's breakup songs. It's just what he does best. The 'Just Another Day in Paradise' singer doesn't disappoint with his first release from the new Rodeowave Entertainment label, 'Let's Get Together.'

Like many of the 46-year-old's seven Top 5 hits, 'Let's Get Together' combines an easy hook with a simple story and never takes a wrong turn. "Iced down coolers coolin', tiki torches spread across the yard / It's just past seven / And my friend Kevin is playing 'Stairway to Heaven' on air guitar," he sings.

Critics will argue his songs have the depth of a spider's swimming pool, and indeed, the chorus writes like something Rebecca Black might come up with in a couple of years: "Come on over / Everybody's hanging out at my house / Stars are out, campfire's burnin' and the music's loud / Best time ever / Always perfect weather to come on over baby / Let's g-g-get together."

But it's simple, it's peppy, and it's something country fans can enjoy a thousand different ways. Vassar writes musical sherbet, which is OK because a lot of people love sherbet. A few hate it, but most enjoy it enough not to let it go to waste.

"Everybody's laughin' and dancin' / Jumpin' up and down, all around feelin' all right / There ain't nothin' wrong with an all night singalong / There ain't no curfew here tonight / The smoker's smokin' and the hot tub is bubblin' / Snuggle up next to me honey and give some more of that lovin,'" sings Vassar.

He succeeds in doing what he's trying to do. Maybe Vassar is just revisiting an old formula, but who cares? It's almost summertime, and one can't deny the urge to place him or herself smack in the middle of this song.

Rating: 7/10

Listen to Phil Vassar, 'Let's Get Together'