Phil Vassar begins this season's harvest of new country Christmas songs with a Texas swing tune featuring Asleep at the Wheel's Ray Benson. The East Coaster sells the sound, delivering a soulful vocal alongside the 60-year-old Western swinger.

'Big Ol Texas Christmas' could make a garden gnome sprout legs and dance. Benson begins with a sturdy verse about how Texans prepare for the holidays before Vassar describes a few traditions that he may have known growing up in Lynchburg, Va.

"Daddy's got the brisket smoking' / Mama's soakin' black-eyed peas / The fire place is roarin', Grandpa is snorin', the kids are watching Rudolph on TV / To all of you from all of us / Have a big ol Texas Christmas."

Throughout the song, the two men take turns on a chorus that cleverly includes names of towns across America with sister cities in the Lone Star State. "Have a big ol Texas Christmas / Wherever you may be / From Beaumont, California / To Houston, Tennessee / To all of you from all of us / Have a big ol Texas Christmas."

Ironically, Benson wasn't born in Texas either (although he's lived most of his life in Austin), and he's Jewish. Authenticity is not an issue with 'Big Ol Texas Christmas' however. The two men sound as genuine as Jesus would if he came down from heaven to sing 'O Come All Ye Faithful.'

4 Stars

Listen to Phil Vassar Feat. Ray Benson, 'Big Ol Texas Christmas'

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