We're getting closer and closer to the finish line for Season 14 of The Voice, and on Monday (April 30), the contestants gave their all performing fan-chosen songs for America to vote on their respective talents. On Team Blake Shelton, Pryor Baird has proven to be a big favorite, with a perfectly smoky bar-band voice that has connected easily with viewers over the past few weeks.

Shelton is not known for choosing unwisely on the show, and it seems there is no stopping this particular protege. Baird was tasked with tackling one of the cooler numbers of the evening, Bob Seger's classic and slinky 1976 hit "Night Moves." The song proved to be a perfect match for the singer, whose subtle rasp brought a necessary sexy edge to the tune. It wasn't a huge diversion from the actual Seger version, but it certainly charmed the audience raptly.

Both Shelton and fellow coach Kelly Clarkson noted Baird's ease on stage, with Shelton adding "You have so much momentum building right now on this show." Sounds about right. We'll see how things shake out overall, but Baird seems to be a safe bet for the finish line.

Was Baird your favorite of the evening? Tune back in tomorrow to see if America agreed with you. We'll be keeping an eye on things all the way to the season's finale.

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