Rachel Farley flirts with the role of country music's next bad girl in her new single 'Midnight Road.' In the end, the country-rocker plays it safe, but she leaves enough to catch one's attention.

Jason Aldean is a friend and an influence on Farley, and it's easy to find similarities between many of his hits and this follow-up to 'Ain't Easy.' Michael Knox produces both similarly.

"Let's head out where the rural route runs between the pines / Boots on the floorboard, baby oh Lord hope I get this right / Headlights shine like stars in the sky and I can't help but think / I could get used to that shade of blue looking back at me," she sings after an Aldean-esque guitar opening.

The chorus is tough to keep up with, but Farley reveals her wild side (but not too wild) when she suggests an act now, ask questions later approach to her date.

"Burin' down the blacktop, flying through a red stop, crossin' those yellow lines / Don't know if I love you, maybe I do / We could find out tonight / Which way this will go / Down a heart-race, hit the brakes, kiss the smile on my face, ain't no time to waste / Two lane midnight road."

The 18-year-old is a country-rocker in the making, and this song will find plenty of ears if Nashville is ready for another edgy female willing to push the boundaries.

Why Fans Will Love It: This chick can rock! Farley sounds as comfortable in front of two electric guitar filled amplifiers as any of the current generation of rock-influenced artists. Brantley Gilbert and Jason Aldean are both fans.

Key Lyrics: "Just the two of us, stirring up dust / Like we own this town / Spending our days like runaways / Tomorrow can't catch us now"

Did You Know?: Farley can shoot a gun, and not just some sissy handgun. One of her favorite memories is letting off a few rounds from a fully automatic machine gun. “You just gotta make sure you keep it down and don’t shoot up cause it likes to go up and take you with it,” the 18-year-old tells Taste of Country.

Listen to Rachel Farley, 'Midnight Road'

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