Rachel Wammack honors her husband Noah Purcell with her new song "What He Does."

Co-written by Wammack, Jimmy Robbins and Eric Arjes, the first verse finds the singer reminiscing on the lessons learned from her friends' relationships, as well as from when past loves left her hurting in the wake of a breakup. But the up-and-coming star then praises the way her husband has risen to the occasion.

Always one to lead with honesty, Wammack's husband, she claims, has the power to turn her tears into laughter, inspired her not to settle for someone who didn't see her worth and has a way of giving all the love she pours into the world back to her. "But what he does / Is make me laugh when I feel like crying / What he does / Is lift me up when I feel like flying / He calls me beautiful, he calls me baby / He calls me just because / And he makes it all look so damn easy / That's just what he does," she sings in the chorus.

“I wanted to write something that lifted up my man because that’s what he does to me. He makes life better on the good days and supports me on the hard ones," the singer describes in a press release. "This is a hopeful song for people who have been through those difficult relationships, letting them know that love is always a possibility.”

"What He Does" arrives in the same month as the couple's one-year wedding anniversary. The two married in August of 2019 in Wammack's hometown of Muscle Shoals, Ala.

Wammack recently joined forces with Rascal Flatts for "Quick, Fast, in a Hurry," which appears on the trio's new EP, How They Remember You. 

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