RaeLynn has come a long way since her days as young 18-year-old competing for a shot at stardom on The Voice, and her mentor Blake Shelton is partly to thank for her success.

Shelton not only supported RaeLynn on the show, but has been with her every step of the way during her fast-rising career. The country superstar took the newcomer out on the road with him during his 2017 Doin’ It to Country Songs Tour, and she says it was a good time.

"Being on tour with Blake was like being on tour with your big brother or dad. He is so much fun. He's hilarious," RaeLynn tells Taste of Country. Along with the laughs and fun memories they've created along the way, RaeLynn is also thankful for the sage advice Shelton has offered her, revealing that the valuable lessons he's taught her revolve around staying strong in tough times and being true to herself.

"One thing I've taken from him is just, it takes time," she reveals. "He's also told me to just stay authentic to myself. But if you just stay true to yourself and you keep fighting for that every day, it will eventually work. Anytime I've been very insecure about where I was in my career or what I was doing, he would always encourage me. It took him 10 years to achieve the success he's achieved, but I think it's important for every artist to have somebody to look up to. I'm just honored to have him."

In between the moments of hard truths, RaeLynn and Shelton have managed to squeeze in plenty of laughs on the road, with the "Lonely Call" singer calling her voice coach a "jokester."

"He's always doing something to annoy me in a funny way," she says. "I'm really gullible, so he'll say things and it'll fly right over my head ... and he's like, 'Oh my god, you're such and idiot.' That's just our relationship. It's just funny."

RaeLynn accomplished a major breakthrough when her debut studio album, Wildhorse, skyrocketed to No. 1 on Billboard's Top Country Albums chart in 2017.

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