RaeLynn's album, and in large part, her story, is finally out. Wildhorse is five years in the making, with the singer drawing from her many ups and downs to craft an album aimed at a younger audience.

With a few exceptions like "Love Triangle" and "Diamonds," Wildhorse isn't an album that transcends the generations, but some of the best albums don't. Young love, heartbreak and freedom are the themes that dominate. Her production team matches her energy with loops and effects that accessorize her heartfelt stories.

Raw, unfiltered sentiments like the single "Love Triangle" and, later, "Young" not only offer variety but stretch the sound of WildHorse. She's comfortable with the latter's traditional arrangement — a sonic 180 from how the album begins. "Your Heart" (a solid choice for a future single) opens the album in a pop frenzy. Both fit well — versatility is no issue for the 22-year-old Texan.

One song that brings it all together is the final track, "Praying for Rain." It's the singer's other deeply personal track ("Love Triangle" is about her parents' divorce), but the tender confessional is paired with progressive, swirling sounds and instruments. Start here if you want a snapshot of all this album is about, then move to "Young" and shout along with her battle cry: "I'll live while I'm young / I'll forgive while I'm young." RaeLynn is deeply entrenched in a class of female artists injecting new energy into the country format but now, finally, she has the songs to prove it.

Key Tracks: "Your Heart," "Love Triangle," "Young"

Did You Know?: "Young" features RaeLynn's cousin Leeland Mooring, lead singer of the Christian rock band Leeland. His voice is also a large part of "Praying for Rain."

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