RaeLynn admits she was afraid to play "Love Triangle" for her parents. She was young, and she was admitting some things in song that she hadn't talked about before. Her emotions, her vulnerabilities were now out there, and in sharing her story, she shared their story, too — their private story.

The moment was emotional — well, it was two separate moments. During an interview with Taste of Country, the singer talks about how her mother reacted to the song, which addresses how she felt as a child caught in the middle of her parents' divorce. They were meeting with a prospective manager when the demo came back, so the now-22-year-old played it.

"And she began to cry," RaeLynn says, fighting off her own emotions. "And we were driving home and she was like, 'Rae, that song is incredible, but so heartbreaking. Is that really how you felt?'"

The ballad hit her father even harder. RaeLynn sent him "Love Triangle" that day, but he's more of a music man than someone who immediately invests himself in a song's message or story. He didn't hear himself in the song until later, when father and daughter were driving together and she urged him to listen closer.

"My dad had to pull over. When that first pre-chorus hit him ... he lost it."

"Love Triangle" was written four years ago, and while the singer has played it live, she's just now getting to release it as a single. It's from an upcoming solo album that RaeLynn says includes more personal, powerful moments. In some ways, exposing your most personal thoughts is freeing.

"I'm never nervous about being vulnerable with my songwriting because my favorite artists are ones that are vulnerable," she admits. "I want people to feel like they know me."

Look for RaeLynn to join Blake Shelton on tour this fall. Fans are encouraged to post stories of how they relate to her new song on social media using the #MyLoveTriangle hashtag.

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