Randy Houser's 'Like a Cowboy' is for country fans who just like to hear a great vocalist at his best. The song is a pure, unencumbered vocal showcase.

Lyrically, 'Like a Cowboy' won't have the same mass appeal of Houser's previous three No. 1 singles from 'How Country Feels.' Cowboy songs aren't for everyone -- even the great ones.

"I'll ride in on a sunny day / Sing you a song, steal your heart away / Like a cowboy / Hang my hat like I'm here for a while / Kick off my boots and drive you wild, like a cowboy," the 38-year-old bellows at the first chorus. The third time around, he leans back and delivers a knockout blow, a vocal hurricane worthy of its own name.

"Every time I fall I get back up again / Cinch my saddle up and find me another wind / Let it take me where it wants to go / Another one horse town, another damned old rodeo," he sings gently to begin, and then end 'Like a Cowboy.'

There's a metaphor to be found if one wants to search for it. Not all will, so the weight of Houser's fourth single from his most successful album will be dropped by some who prefer something a little more obvious.

Why Fans Will Love It: Houser is a natural balladeer. His voice is built for songs like 'Like a Cowboy.'

Key Lyrics: "Well baby you know I can't stay long / You wake up, I'll be gone / Until then I'll hold on, like a cowboy"

Did You Know?: Randy Houser and Brice Long make a pretty good songwriting pair. The also penned the singer's debut single 'Anything Goes.' Both songs are great vocal showcases.

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