Randy Houser has country's most lovable laugh, but he trades it for a bad boy's leather jacket during "We Went," the first single from an upcoming fourth studio album.

This dangerous love story rides along a bass beat that falls like white lines in the rearview. A thin guitar and organ also build to Houser's first verse:

“Black Pontiac with a pocket of cash / Foot on the gas, ready and throwing up a little dust like a pickup truck / Does in the mud but ain’t nobody slowing us down / Right now," he sings before things heat up.

“She said I need a little something with some getup and go / And nobody knows how to get me going quite like you do when you’re doing the things that you do / Wanna give this sleepy podunk town / Something to talk about."

Fans have heard this story before, but it comes alive with Houser's soulful delivery and the unrelenting arrangement. Even when this couple stops for a beer, time just keeps clipping along.

“We were taillights fading / From some blue lights chasing / Cut a path through the corn out on County Road 44 / Tore up a fence, jump in a ditch / Felt so good, didn’t want it to end so we went …” Houser sings during a chorus that blends seamlessly into the next verse. Justin Wilson, Matt Rodgers and John King co-wrote "We Went."

The How Country Feels album was a commercial comeback album for Houser, but this song feels more personal. Maybe he's just more confident after several No. 1 hits. "We Went" is not a true vocal showcase a la "Like a Cowboy," but there's enough power between his voice and this arrangement to remind fans he's not resting on a good year or two.

Why Fans Will Love It: Houser's bad boy side comes through on this country-rocker from his fourth studio album.

Key Lyrics: "Tore up a fence, jump in a ditch / Felt so good, didn’t want it to end so we went …”

Did You Know?: It takes Houser several years to work through serious life issues, which means you won't hear anything about his recent divorce on his next album.

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