Rascal Flatts are about as connected to technology as the rest of us, and they have now come up with a new Facebook application so fans can design their own music video "mashup" of the guys' hit song 'I Won't Let Go.'

Within minutes, you will be able to upload up to four photos and three videos to create your own music video that will not only be available on the group's Facebook page, but yours as well.

Fans can also download photos, snippets of videos and more to make the creation process a whole lot easier.

If you become a part of the trio's new mashup gallery -- and your submission is the best -- you can win a trip to the set of the next Rascal Flatts music video shoot, where you'll be in charge! The ultimate inspiration for this contest came from the idea to "put the fans in the director's chair." To learn more, head to their official site.