Fan week is underway on The Voice: Viewers who've been following along from home submitted song selections for the semifinalists' next performances.

With just one team member remaining, Gwen Stefani was eager to see what song BIAS would be paired with. Fittingly, fans matched the country rocker with "Bless the Broken Road" by Rascal Flatts.

For his time on the stage, BIAS stood behind a standing microphone while strumming out the song’s notes and delivering the tender lyrics. Like in week’s past, BIAS purposely left the flashy movements he usually bakes into his performances to allow the focus to not only be on his vocals but the gorgeous stage design. While standing centerstage, BIAS was perched on a literal broken road against a rolling background of perfectly formed clouds.

After walking off his broken road and to the end of the stage, it was time to hear from Stefani and her fellow judges. Niall Horan called it the “most mature” performance he has seen from BIAS thus far in the competition. He went on to the praise the singer’s ability to remain “consistent” no matter which side of his artistic identity he is showing off on stage.

Stefani echoed the positive praise bestowed upon her last remaining team member before offering up some of her own words of encouragement. She once again brought up the authenticity that BIAS brings not only to the stage but his entire public presence.

Voting opened at the end of the show, fans are able to vote one time for one artist. Votes can be submitted via The Voice app or by visiting Voting results will be announced during tomorrow’s (Dec. 12) episode when the group of 9 is reduced to the Top 5.

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