Perennial award winners Rascal Flatts performed a new song titled 'Hot in Here' on Monday night's (Dec. 10) American Country Awards -- but they didn't exactly heat things up in Las Vegas.

The trio turned in a disjointed-sounding, somewhat dispirited rendition of the uptempo song, and the murky, thin-sounding mix didn't helping anything, either. Singer Gary LeVox sounded like he couldn't quite hear himself, struggling with pitch particularly in the higher part of his range, and having trouble projecting in the lower notes. And he also threw in an unnecessarily corny, "Is it hot, Vegas?" at random -- the kind of thing one might expect from a parody of country music, not one of the most successful bands in the genre.

Despite that, the song sounds like a ready-made radio hit -- that is, in a much better form than the one Rascal Flatts delivered live in Vegas Monday night.