Rascal Flatts don’t reach for life’s emotional edges on their new song, “I Like the Sound of That.” The fourth single from Rewind wins with subtleties and sharp songwriting.

The new track lists a number of noises everyone is familiar with, but uses each as a symbol. In the first verse it’s the morning shower, the coffee pot and a door locking. All these mean the main character will be spending a few hours apart from his lover. Singer Gary LeVox plays his part well, transitioning to the catchy chorus with ease.

It’s a little too loud on the highway / I wanna pull back in your driveway / It’s way too quiet at my place / Wanna come on over, come on over / I just wanna hear that ring tone / I like it turned up when
 you’re blowin’ up my phone / Wanna hear you say come on over / ‘Cause when you tell me to come on over / I like the sound of that.”

“I Like the Sound of That” is a young lover's song that relies on an older couple to recall those early days when eight hours at work seemed like eight years away from a familiar pair of lips. After these words, the tone flips to all the sounds he does love:

“Love the sound of the thunder rollin’ / Makes you move a little closer to me / Girl I bet that your neighbors hate us / ‘Cause we could laugh all night and never sleep / We can worry ‘bout the world in the mornin’ / Light up a candle, lock the door / Wanna stay right here with you, yes I do,” LeVox sings with help from Joe Don Rooney and Jay DeMarcus.

“Payback” and “Riot” were edgier choices for country radio. “I Like the Sound of That” recalls the days of the band’s biggest hits. Once again they make love sound easy.

Why Fans Will Love It: "I Like the Sound of That" makes love sound easy.

Key Lyrics: "Wanna hear you say come on over / ‘Cause when you tell me to come on over / I like the sound of that."

Did You Know?: "I Like the Sound of That" was co-written by "All About That Bass" singer Meghan Trainor.

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