Fans got to see both sides of Rascal Flatts during their TV time on ABC's 'CMA Music Festival' broadcast Sunday night. The superstars began with a quiet but powerful rendition of their hit 'I Won't Let Go,' singing 25 rows deep into an audience that was awash in blue light, swaying back and forth. Soaring aerial camera shots provided some context, showing just how big this weekend-long event has become.

After enjoying a brief moment of appreciation from their fans, the trio shot up to the stage as their band began 'Long Time,' by classic rock band Boston. Gary LeVox then introduced Little Big Town for what turned into a three song medley of classic rock hits. The group transitioned into 'Carry on My Wayward Son' by Kansas and 'Free Ride' by the Edgar Winter Group. Joe Don Rooney was showcased on guitar, nailing each song's iconic riffs while the other six singers carried the melody.

The performance was well-rehearsed; and as 'Long Time' came to a close, all seven jumped up and down with their fans who were frantic for more.

Watch Rascal Flatts and Little Big Town Perform Together at the 'CMA Music Festival' Special

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