Rascal Flatts waited patiently as Jessica Wolverton of Violina, Ark. explained how their hit 'I'm Movin' On' changed her life. She didn't know they were there as she described her and her husband's struggle to have children. Then she got a beautiful surprise.

Watch as Wolverton tells her story. The lifelong country music fan won a trip to the 2014 ACM Awards in Las Vegas, and yesterday she had a chance to explain why 'I'm Movin' On' is her song. She only thought she was recording a thank you note to the band.

"We tried for several years to have children of our own," she says, getting emotional. "I felt like we were running out of options. And then (God) opened our eyes to know our options are just beginning. Just because a child wasn't born to us doesn't mean it wasn't any less ours."

Wolverton simply hoped Gary LeVox and company would watch the above video. She couldn't help but break down when they came walking in. Justin Boots arranged the contest and the trip for the Wolvertons.