Just three weeks after Ray Price's passing, wife Janie is opening up about the pain she has felt following the loss of her husband.

The widow of the late country legend used her Facebook account to reach out to friends and fans.

"The days have been a blur since I lost Ray on Dec. 16, 2013," Janie begins, admitting even she isn't sure how she mustered the courage to make funeral and memorial plans following Price's death.

Apparently, one thing in the home Janie shared with Price has made being there alone even harder. "The hardest part of all was walking into our home alone and looking at Ray's favorite chair empty and knowing I will never see him there again," she reveals.

Since Price's passing, Janie has been asked by doctors to remain in bed -- due to exhaustion -- but says she's been slowly improving.

She shares that when Price found out from doctors how much time he may have left, he took the news bravely and tried to accept it. "Ray made every final decision for the end of his life decisively with the same poise and confidence he displayed every time he stepped center stage, picked up a microphone and began to sing," she writes. "Ray faced death with an unflinching bravery that astonished every person in his presence up to the very last breath he breathed."

Janie was constantly reminded why she chose her marriage over a career of her own. "Ray prepared me for facing all of the perils of a marriage to a famous country music star," she dishes. "He left me with a warning of how disastrous the end would be. Ray's love for me has sustained me."

"I pray I will regain my strength and that I will be able to go forward with the plans and dreams that Ray entrusted me to carry on for him," Janie concludes, adding that it was an honor to be married to such a "great man."

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