Reba McEntire is shrouded, symbolically, by a lengthy green dress in the powerful new music video for 'If I Were a Boy,' which made its debut early this morning.

Reba sets the tone for 'If I Were a Boy' as it opens and she steps out of her bedroom dressed in full Oscar-worthy attire -- but it's after a few seconds that we notice that her dress train is inconveniently long.

As the singer walks through the rooms of an empty house and down a tall set of stairs, she pulls a never-ending dress behind her -- and it's when she passes a wedding photo that we're led to believe that she and the groom are separated. Her big voice carries through the hollowed-out house as she sings about the changes she would make if she 'were a boy,' because, as a woman, she has suffered intense pain caused by her man.

In this video, directed by Peter Zavadil, Reba is stuck inside of an empty house, but her words carry a lot of weight -- and the long train dragging behind her symbolizes being weighed down by her past. Still, Reba shows sincere resilience and strength, and at the end of the video, she cuts herself loose of the dress tail she's been pulling -- and the man who once held her down emotionally.

This song was originally recorded by R&B superstar Beyonce, but carries over well into the country scene, because the message is universal and entirely relatable. 'If I Were a Boy' is the second single from Reba's November 2010 album, 'All the Women I Am.'

Watch the Reba McEntire 'If I Were a Boy' Video