Reba McEntire delivers her own stormy take on Beyonce's 2008 hit 'If I Were a Boy' as the follow-up to her smash single 'Turn on the Radio.' Both songs are available on Reba's 2010 album 'All the Women I Am.'

Reba's churning, muscular take on the song begins by focusing squarely on her commanding vocals, with spare guitar accompaniment in the background.  As momentum builds, a rock-solid rhythm section kicks in and McEntire's passion builds. Though the guys don't get a chance to weigh in on this debate, she promises she could do better inside a man's body and mind than any of us can:

"If I were a boy / I think I could understand / How it feels to love a girl / I swear I'd be a better man / I'd listen to her / 'Cause I know how it hurts / When you lose the one you wanted / 'Cause he's taking you for granted / And everything you had got destroyed."

McEntire recently publicly rebuffed current country queen Taylor Swift's dreams of one day skydiving with the legend, tweeting "No way!!!" and "Why jump out of a perfectly good plane?" -- but expressing her love for the young singer and agreeing to make some other plans together.

Listen to Reba McEntire, 'If I Were a Boy'

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