Country's favorite redhead Reba McEntire says she's "really excited" for the premiere of 'Malibu Country,' her new sitcom on ABC. The show kicks off tonight, and promises to be full of laughs and 'aww' moments, according to the singer.

"I think it's worth watching because it's gonna be funny; moving," McEntire tells Taste of Country of what people can expect when they tune in. "They're gonna be giggling, they're going to be going, 'Aww, that was sweet!' It's just a... I think it's a relatable show. Anybody who's ever dealt with divorce, moving, changing their lives, kids having to go to a different school -- it's all hard on them! But you've gotta find comedy in all of it."

Naturally, McEntire -- a country singer who has seen divorce and long-distance moves in her own life -- can relate to her character on the show. Reba Gallagher is a one-time country superstar who finds herself relocating to Malibu, Calif. from Nashville to start fresh after she discovers that her husband has been cheating on her.

"I have been divorced before, so I can bring a few of those [similarities] to the table," McEntire explains. "I have moved from Nashville to L.A. in 2001 to do the 'Reba' television show, so I have lots of stories that can be related to 'Malibu Country' with the kids and with my personal life... with me personally. Shelby [her son] had a real rough time on the move when we moved from Nashville to L.A. So, we've incorporated those a few times."

In addition to previously revealed cameos from McEntire's close friends Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson, the 'Fancy' hitmaker says that she anticipates a slew of big-name guests in upcoming 'Malibu Country' episodes. Also confirmed is fellow female songstress Martina McBride, but if McEntire gets her way, some non-country folks will stop by her Malibu pad, too.

"My guest list is growing daily!" McEntire reveals to ToC. "With folks like Bette Midler -- I'd love to have her on -- and Carol Burnett. Alec Baldwin would be a hoot to get to work with. Um, Jamie Denton, he was on our 'Reba' show, I'd love to have him over and visiting again"

If all goes well, fans will enjoy 'Malibu Country' as much as the fiery country staple has enjoyed shooting it, and ratings will soar. "My hope for the show is that the series will last 10 years and we all have a great time at it and love working with each other on that 10th year as much as we do now," McEntire admits.

She adds, "I hope the fans get a big kick out of it. I hope they love it, and that I haven't disappointed them."

'Malibu Country' premieres Friday (Nov. 2) at 8:30PM ET on ABC.