In 1991, Reba McEntire faced one of the most devastating tragedies imaginable. Traveling from San Diego, Calif. to Fort Wayne, Ind., a private plane carrying seven of her band members and her tour manager crashed in a fatal instant, killing everyone. Due to a bout of bronchitis, McEntire wasn't on that plane and had to bear the news of eight of her dear friends losing their lives that day, along with the plane's two pilots.

Understandably, McEntire hasn't been too vocal about that dark time, but all that is about to change, according to The Boot. On an upcoming episode of season two of 'Oprah's Master Class,' the country star will open up to the queen of interviews about the horrific crash. Featured on Oprah's OWN network, the show delves into the lives of people who are masters of their crafts, with everyone from athletes to actors being vulnerable about the highest highs and lowest lows of their careers.

Though McEntire was slated to be on the same flight as the rest of her band that day, her husband convinced her to spend one more night at home to sleep as she recovered from bronchitis. After she heard the news, the superstar told PEOPLE it was her "darkest hour." To help manage the pain, she released a record 'For My Broken Heart' the same year with songs like 'Is There Life Out There,' 'The Greatest Man I Never Knew' and 'If I Had Only Known.' But after that, she went quiet about the tragedy until speaking with Oprah.

Though the release date of Reba's episode of 'Oprah's Master Class' has yet to be announced, the show itself begins this Sunday, Jan. 8 at 10PM ET and will feature Jane Fonda. Others who will appear this season include Ted Turner, Goldie Hawn, Morgan Freeman, Jon Bon Jovi, surfer Laird Hamilton, basketball's Grant Hill and Sidney Poitier.