Reckless Kelly are celebrating their 20th anniversary with a new album, Sunset Motel, and they're letting Taste of Country readers hear one of the key tracks first.

The Austin-based band were Americana before there really was such a term, combining roots, rock and country influences into an uncompromising musical approach that has earned the Grammy-winning group a very steadfast and loyal following. They will release Sunset Motel in September via their self-owned No Big Deal Records, and the album's second single, "Who's Gonna Be Your Baby Now," is debuting exclusively with Taste of Country.

Written by Reckless Kelly co-founder Willy Braun, the mid-up-tempo song features pedal steel layered over a bed track of almost grunge-y electric guitars, with vocal harmonies sweetening the choruses to make them stand out sonically from the rest of the track. A blazing electric guitar solo mid-song further underscores the rock elements of the song, which was born out of a creative hot streak during which he wrote more than 30 songs.

"'Who’s Gonna Be Your Baby Now’ is a cautionary tale about of breaking hearts and what happens when a lover has burned so many bridges that they eventually find themselves all alone on the deserted island that they’ve created for themselves," Braun tells us. "It is about the consequences of never truly opening your heart and being paralyzed by fear of commitment and what happens to someone when they choose to believe that there might be something better available to them ... only to find out in the end that they no longer have any options."

Sunset Motel is set for release on Sept. 23. The album is currently available for pre-order at iTunes.

Listen to Reckless Kelly, "Who's Gonna Be Your Baby Now"

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