Thirteen years ago this week (Nov. 13), Garth Brooks hosted 'Saturday Night Live' and brought along his alter-ego, pop-rocker Chris Gaines. By this point, most of America had finished scratching their collective heads in curious amazement of this ill-fated side project. Some enjoyed the music on 'Garth Brooks … In the Life of Chris Gaines' but most country fans were just confused by an idea that began as a movie role. 

One skit between Tracy Morgan and Brooks (seen below) finds the comedian taking the singer to task for letting the mascara wearing alt-rocker be his musical guest. He questions Gaines's sexuality ("That dude is ... sweet like bear meat"), and says if Brooks were to get into a fight, Gaines would split before the first punch was thrown.

"The dude is chicken, and he's fat too," Morgan says, before adding, "If you were that big, they be calling you Girth Brooks."

Brooks plays along -- he was always a brilliant host of the sketch comedy show -- signifying that yeah, maybe even he recognized he overstepped this time. The album did sell over two million copies, and landed Brooks his first pop hit with 'Lost in You.'

Watch the Tracy Morgan and Garth Brooks 'Chris Gaines' Skit