Most music videos end with the strum of the song's last chord, but Rodney Atkins went a different direction with “Eat, Sleep, Love You, Repeat.” The end is only the beginning of this story.

The song is an upbeat tune about the narrator’s natural ability to love his significant other as part of his very simple routine, which includes only three things: eating, sleeping and loving her. Everything else is extraneous, and he seems unconcerned with when or how they will be accomplished.

Though the sentiment is sweet and the vibe is cheery, the video is flavored with a bit more sorrow and regret. Chapter 1 of the story, which the video indicates in the first frame, shows a man going about his life, haunted by the loss of a relationship. He sees the woman everywhere, but it’s all in his head. The man realizes he made a mistake and takes drastic measures to try to win her back.

That’s where the story is declared “to be continued…"

The cliffhanger leaves fans guessing as to what happens next, which assumably will be revealed in Atkins’ next video, but no official news yet on if and when that will come.

The singer kicked off CMA fest this summer with his annual benefit show to support Nashville’s W.O. Smith Music School along with friends Lee Brice, Maddie & Tae, Kip Moore and Tyler Farr. He’s slated to play NASH FM’s Nash Bash in New York City Oct. 26 alongside Brice, Mo Pitney and Dylan Scott.

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