It has been almost five years since Rodney Atkins released Take a Back Road. But don't worry, the long wait will soon come to an end, and new music might even be on the way before summer rolls in.

“We’ve been writing a whole bunch, working on outside tunes as well. I do a lot of the stuff at home,” Atkins tells the Boot. “It’s kind of cool, from when I did the first successful album, [If You’re] Going Through Hell, I was encouraged by the record label to experiment, to push myself, to learn and to evolve and to try different things.”

In early 2015, Atkins released a greatest hits album which boasted 11 of his biggest hits, as well as a new tune, "Eat, Sleep, Love You, Repeat." Since that release, there have been rumors of his next original project, and now the details are starting to become clearer, like how there will be different sounds on this album that came from experimentation.

“It’s been kind of that sort of experiment all year, on and off the road, trying different things, writing different stuff, writing with different people,” the 46-year-old singer continues. “And it’s been a whole lot of fun. We’ve been trying different kind of vocals.”

There is no scheduled release date or title for the upcoming album, but the process of putting the project together is well underway.

“We’re starting the recording process, and so that’s what we’ve been doing, as fast as we can. We’ll go in, and we’ll track three or four songs, come home, I sing, see what works, see what I love, tweak things,” he says. “I love that writing process."

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