Rodney Atkins will kick off a new year by stepping back into the past. The country crooner has just announced that he will release his first-ever greatest hits album on Feb. 3.

With a successful career spanning over 15 years, 'Rodney Atkins - Greatest Hits' will boast 11 songs, including chart-topping hits like 'Take a Back Road,' 'These Are My People' and 'Watching You.' It will also feature Atkins' latest single, 'Eat Sleep Love You Repeat,' which is a tribute to the simple things in life, not least of which includes loving a good woman.

But just because Atkins' greatest hits collection will be a celebration of his past work, that doesn't mean the 'Farmer's Daughter' singer is done creating new music. Atkins says he's excited to release a new album, hopefully in the near future. And while his new music is still true to the singer fans know and love, he does admit that it will have more songs about love this time around, thanks to his wife and fellow country singer, Rose Falcon.

'Rodney Atkins - Greatest Hits' will hit shelves on Feb. 3, but is available for pre-order on iTunes right now! Check out a full track listing below.

'Rodney Atkins - Greatest Hits' Track Listing:

1. 'If You’re Going Thru Hell (Before The Devil Even Knows)'
2. 'Watching You'
3. 'These Are My People'
4. 'Cleaning This Gun (Come on in Boy)'
5. 'Take a Back Road'
6. 'Farmer’s Daughter'
7. 'It’s America'
8. 'Invisibly Shaken'
9. 'Honesty (Write Me a List)'
10. 'He’s Mine'
11. 'About the South'
12. “Eat Sleep Love You Repeat'

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