Ronnie Dunn is somewhat self-effacing when it comes to this tattoo, his only visible ink work. He got it in Los Angeles, and while he doesn't admit to regretting it, Dunn has often told the story of how is wife -- and then Reba McEntire -- reacted upon seeing it for the first time. Needless to say, neither thought it was the best use of space between elbow and wrist. 

"I go walking in there with my skinny little arm," Dunn tells Yahoo about the experience, noting a group of heavily-inked bikers behind him. "He puts a stencil of 'Cowboy' on my arm, and it's about this long. [He holds his fingers a few inches apart.] And he says 'Stand in front of the mirror and see how it feels.' I did all the poses and everything, and they were kind of snickering in the back. And I went, 'It's not big enough, is it, guys?' And they were like, 'Nah, it's not big enough.' So we get a stencil that's a little bit bigger, and 'It's not big enough, is it?' 'No…' So finally, it's from here to here."