Runaway June show that the beauty in life is found in its simplicity in the video for their latest single, "We Were Rich." Like a photo album come to life, the clip was filmed in band member Natalie Stovall's hometown of Columbia, Tenn., just outside of Nashville.

The country trio's new music video opens with a shot of Stovall's childhood home as two children run through a sprinkler, which is followed by clips of small-town life, backed by the trio singing alongside a two-lane country road, Stovall barefoot while playing fiddle. Quick shots of the local bowling alley, the church with red carpet floors that they reference in the lyrics, and a diner full of friendly faces scroll across the screen.

A welcome sign that describes Columbia as "The Dimple of the Universe" adds a unique element, as do shots of the Mule Day Queen and Court in front of the town hall. As the three singers play on a tire swing in the creek, they sing, "We didn't have it all, but we all we thought we did / And Mama always said that we were blessed / And I believed her / Never thought the grass was greener / On the other side of our old chainlink fence / Yeah, we were rich." 

“The first time I saw our music video, I just started sobbing like a baby! I didn’t expect to get so emotional!" Stovall reflects in a press release. "I couldn’t think of a more perfect visual love letter to the town that made me who I am! And the fact that this is my first music video with Runaway June just makes it even more special.”

"We Were Rich" is featured on Runaway June's 2019 album, Blue Roses. The group re-recorded the song with Stovall after she joined in 2020, following original member Hannah Mulholland's departure.

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