The video for Ryan Kinder’s version of "Sorry" isn’t quite as provocative as Justin Bieber’s is. The singer replaces the rump-shaking dancers with his drummer, bassist and a stack of amplifiers. Kinder's soulful version of the pop hit turns the track into something deep.

Watch the video exclusively on Taste of Country during this premiere. You may be wondering what everyone was wondering about this cover song, a track found on Kinder's Deconstructed Studio Sessions EP: Why?

“I got that question a lot from people that weren’t Bieber fans and then Bieber fans too,” he says. “I couldn’t stop listening to that album. I never really was a Bieber fan until listening to that album. It’s so well-written for what it is, it’s so well produced.”

Quietly, legit musicians like Kinder (watch him play guitar and you'll agree) are starting to give the pop star a near-Timberlake level of respect. It helps that the "Tonight" singer is of an age where he grew up with as much pop as country, blues and rock. Daya is another addiction, and he knows his 'N Sync from Backstreet Boys.

The Deconstructed Studio Sessions EP is a teaser album that sets up Kinder's full-length, tentatively planned for 2017. The singer says he was inspired by Gavin DeGraw's Chariot (Stripped) album, released after the original. Kinder flipped the order, giving fans songs he'll include stripped down first.

“It doesn’t give you enough time to say everything you want to say, but it does let people get a quick taste of who a new artist is,” he says of the EP.

"Sorry" will not be on the full-length, nor will his next single, which he talked about in a general sense, only saying that he's very excited and fans should be able to hear it this year.

Josh Kerr, Ross Copperman, Ashley Gorley and Jeremy Stover are a few high-profile writers Kinder is working with. That's quite a list for a country newcomer, but Kinder has figured something important out:

“If I’ve heard a song they’ve written and I dig it, I’ll beg and plead until I can get into a room with them, and begging and pleading works pretty well in this town.”

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