With 'Put My Heart Down,' Sara Evans has released another song that shows off all of her strengths. From a powerful vocal performance to catchy lyrics, to a pop-country sound that will play well with fans and new listeners alike, the new single from Evans has something everyone will love.

The love that Evans is singing about in 'Put My Heart Down' is not a good one. In fact, it's downright toxic. This isn't just about a broken heart, it's about a relationship that was virtually poisonous.

"So pack up all your things and just leave some air to breathe / A million toxic tears fallin’ like rain ‘round here / This is the final hour / The end of our story tonight / And I don’t wanna fight."

But while the lyrics speak of a love gone wrong, characterized by fights and "a million toxic tears," sonically, 'Put My Heart Down' sounds more like a love gone right. The second single from Evans' seventh studio album 'Slow Me Down' is a mid-tempo song that is firmly rooted in country music while pulling in echoes of the most catchy pop. And while, in many senses, the upbeat sound doesn't quite fit with the dramatic lyrics, in at least one way, it works. 'Put My Heart Down' speaks to the hope that comes in walking away from a bad relationship, trusting that you've learned some valuable lessons and still have heart to find a love that will last.

Why Fans Will Love It: 'Put My Heart Down' carries a solid vocal performance from Evans that will translate well with fans of her classic country sound, while also crossing genres with a catchy, pop-friendly vibe.

Key Lyrics: "Put my heart down, put my heart down / Put my heart down, put my heart down / And walk away / Just like it was / A loaded gun / Put my heart down, put my heart down / Put my heart down, put my heart down / And walk away / This kind of love Is dangerous."

Did You Know? Evans enlisted a national television show to help her premiere 'Put My Love Down' as a single. The singer made a guest appearance on 'Nashville,' singing it as a duet with Will Chase, who plays Luke Wheeler on the hit show.

Listen to Sara Evans 'Put My Heart Down'

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