"Rock Bottom" is a stunning, universal expression that Sasha McVeigh embraces like a long-gone friend. It's like old high school classmates reuniting when one has clearly grown up and the other is still drinking the same beer, clocking in at the same job and kissing the same girl as he was 20 years ago.

McVeigh is a woman scrambling up a slippery mountainside trying to leave her troubles behind. She's fallen back so many times, she quips: "Hey rock bottom, it's good to see you again" with tongue firmly planted in cheek. Eventually she wraps her fingertips over the ridge line and starts to pull herself up. Who hasn't been kicked so many times that the pain becomes a sick form of comfort? Greatness, they say, is built from the ground up.

The special sauce on this pure country ballad is Mark Lambert's arrangement. McVeigh's vocals stand out from the steel guitar and traditional rhythms but it's a lyrical showcase more than anything else, one that doesn't need additional bombast to sell the message. In an era when so many young artists are trying to make a statement, McVeigh makes music — real, undeniable country music.

Did You Know?: "Rock Bottom" was inspired by a J.K. Rowling quote that reads: "Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life." McVeigh found it on Pinterest.

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Sasha McVeigh's "Rock Bottom" Lyrics:

Hey rock bottom / How you been / You know I built my life on ya now I'm stronger than I was back then / It's good to see you / I must confess / You've seen my at my worst, now you're the first to see me at my best. 

So pour me a drink and I'll stay awhile / Put on those same sad songs to hide my smile / You've been the devil, you've been a friend / Hey rock bottom, how ya been.

Hey rock bottom / You haven't changed / You're still an empty space without a face but the whole world knows your name / You always listen day and night / You might have watched me fall but through it all you made me see the light. 

Repeat Chorus

Hey rock bottom / It's getting late / You taught me how to love, how to hurt and even how to hate / I oughta thank you, now I can / You made me face my fears while I was here / And you made me who I am.

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