Scott Stapp has been in quarantine during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, but he has not been sitting idle. The Creed singer and current rock solo artist has been staying plenty busy during isolation with his family, including building a new chicken coop on his property in a rural area outside of Nashville.

Stapp and his family had owned chickens previously when they lived in Florida, and he and his wife, Jaclyn, had planned to have more again at some point. When the pandemic hit and isolation became the norm, it became a "fun family project,"  the rocker says in a phone interview from his home in Franklin, Tenn.

"Any time there's some kind of significant change, especially for the kids, it seems like we always introduce a new animal to the family," he reflects, adding that his older kids have responsibilities with the care of their animals, while his youngest son, Anthony, is already a real animal lover.

"He just wants to hug them and kiss them, and it's adorable to see him around them."

Check out the fun project in the video below:

Stapp says that staying busy with the chickens and some new ducks, as well as "kids and family and work, and what's become Groundhog Day" is helping him maintain a positive and productive frame of mind. He's been giving even more interviews than usual during quarantine, he says. Stapp and his wife also make sure to exercise daily, and they've been home-schooling their older kids, as well as having family movie nights, cooking together, playing board games and making sure to get some time outdoors on their rural property.

He returned to the spotlight with his first new album since 2013 with The Space Between the Shadows, which he released in July of 2019. Stapp's current single is titled "Survivor," and it carries a message that he hopes can speak to everyone in such turbulent times.

"The song is so relevant to the times," Stapp says, nothing that he'd chosen "Survivor" as the next single before the coronavirus began to spread worldwide. He's hopeful that fans can "tap into that survivor mentality, and lyrics to inspire and encourage" in what's become an all-consuming moment in modern history.

Like every other musical artist, Stapp has had to alter his touring plans for 2020 considerably, but he has words of assurance for his fans.

"Right now it's all about safety," Stapp says, stressing how important it is for fans and entertainers to stay home and follow the guidelines for social distancing "until we get the all-clear."

In the meantime, Stapp and his kids will be working on names for the new additions to the family, which they won't choose until they've had the chance to get to know them and their personalities for a while. The singer jokes that his kids may even start a side business once the chickens grow enough to lay eggs.

"Instead of a lemonade stand, there'll be an organic egg stand on the side of the road," he says with a laugh. "So make sure to stop by and pick up some fresh Stapp eggs!"

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