We already know that 'American Idol' Season 10 winner Scotty McCreery has been working on his debut album while on tour with the rest of his fellow contestants this summer. We also know that McCreery has been working with Nashville songwriters. But McCreery finally revealed some new information about the album, such as the producer and the breadth of the material, in a recent chat with Billboard.

McCreery's album is on schedule for a fall release and is being produced by Mark Bright, who also produced music for Carrie Underwood, winner of the 'Idol' crown during Season 4. The album will be loaded with new material since, frankly, he's met his quota of covers with a season of 'Idol,' and we don't blame him for being over performing other people's established material.

He says, "We've looked into the possibility of doing a cover, but we're thinking if we have this one chance to do a whole album of new, original stuff, why take up one slot of the album with a cover song, especially after I just got done with a show full of covers. So I think we're going to stick with all original stuff, but that could change."

McCreery was also apprehensive about how the tight-knit music community in Nashville would wrap their arms around him or if they would shun him, since he's not of a honky-tonk history. He found Music City to be quite the opposite, saying, "We went for Fan Fest week, and that was the big question in my mind: 'Are they gonna accept me?' I'm kind of an odd kid in Nashville; I didn't grow up in honky-tonks and doing a lot of things the other guys did. But they were really welcoming, and they treated me like a brother and it was nice to be there. And they pitched me a lot of great [songs] so it's definitely an honor to be a part of that world."

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