Southern gentleman Scotty McCreery loves eating at the fast-food joint Bojangles. In fact, he loves it so much that he let the chain use a doctored-up version of his hit song 'Water Tower Town' in one of their new commercials, in which he makes an appearance.

And actually, McCreery's down-home hit fits in so well with the Bojangles ad that it sounds like he could have written it solely for the commercial spot. As the country crooner belts out "Friday night football is king, sweet tea goes good with anything," the Bojangles' logo is everywhere.

McCreery is shown in a parking lot tailgating -- eating sandwiches from Bojangles, of course -- and drinking sweet tea from a fast food cup. The commercial continues with the chorus of 'Water Tower Town' while images of the country star ordering food at a Bojangles' counter, eating at the chain with his pals and high-fiving his fans dance across the screen.

But here's the kicker. By the time McCreery gets to the end of the chorus, you realize that he's actually changed the lyrics from "In a water tower town" to "In a Bojangles town."

It takes some serious devotion to a fast-food brand for a country star to change the lyrics of his most popular song. But apparently, that's how strongly McCreery feels about good sweet tea and a stop that serves breakfast sandwiches all day long. He actually wore a shirt that said "It's Bo time!" the entire day of filming the commercials.

In another 30-second spot, McCreery coins the phrase "It's Bo time" by joking with a producer that he can't play to 20,000 screaming fans until he's had his Bojangles fix. The commercial advertises the Big Bo Box, which holds "fried chicken, biscuits, fixins and tea," according to the country star.

Does this mean McCreery will get free Bojangles for life? Talk about job perks!

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