Scotty McCreery is getting chilly in the name of charity, and he's calling on some big-name country stars to follow in his ice cold footsteps.

The 'Feelin’ It' singer is helping the Kay Yow Cancer Fund (an organization that funds women’s cancer research and assists the community) by having icy water dumped on him while chilling in a beach chair on a dock. And it's not just a little water -- it's a cooler full.

McCreery was challenged on Twitter to do #Chillin4Charity and had 48 hours to get doused with the cold stuff. After his friends dump the water on him in the video, McCreery yells and dives off the dock into the lake water, which must have been at least a little warmer.

Then, he callsx a few notable celebrities to the challenge: Brad Paisley, Kellie Pickler, baseball pitcher Carlos Rodon and Super Bowl quarterback winner Russell Wilson! If they don't accept the challenge, they must donate $250 to the Kay Yow Cancer Fund. The individuals who challenged McCreery also pay $50 to the fund in the country singer's name.

The icy challenge began when Coach Niya Butts, head women’s basketball coach at the University of Arizona, and her team wanted to participate in a challenge to support a meaningful cause. They came up with the #Chillin4Charity concept, benefiting the Kay Yow Cancer Fund. The players began challenging coaches to either accept the #Chillin4Charity challenge or donate to the Kay Yow Cancer Fund, and now it has spread to country music.

Now, the question is: will Pickler and Paisley accept the challenge, or will they get cold feet, skip the ice water and shell out the dollars instead?

McCreery has been known to lend a helping hand to those in need. Soon after his 'American Idol' fame began, he autographed items for the City of Hope auction, participated in the game a couple years later, donated $50,000 to youth baseball programs and even headed to the Dominican Republic to deliver gift boxes to needy children. He's a pretty ... cool guy, especially after being doused with freezing cold water!

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